Live an elevated life

Creative and inspirational clothing for pilots, aviation enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and artists featuring bold maxims and minimalist design.


We are dreamers, aviation enthusiasts, and aspirational entrepreneurs. Focus, perseverance, and calculated risk allow us to rise up and see life from a different perspective.

AIA promotes a passion for aviation and the benefit of a positive mindset. Remind yourself and those around you of our higher purpose.


  1. Maintain perspective — Live above it all… Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. Face adversity — Change is constant. Welcome it with open arms.
  3. Stay humble — Recognize the role chance (or luck) plays in success.

Come fly with us…


I’ve always been obsessed with airplanes, helicopters, paragliders… basically anything that flies or goes fast. I love how aviation inspires us to create, learn, and explore.

As an artist, I’m fascinated with finding new perspectives. Each hour I spend flying is filled with wonder and joy. It is so much fun!

Being up in the clouds, looking down at our vast and amazing planet is remarkable. It’s like stepping back from a canvas. When we fly, we can take that perspective and see new things about ourselves.

Above It All celebrates the spirit of exploration and discovery, encouraging mindfulness, movement, and a humble attitude towards life.

Mindset and attitude will determine your outcome. Be positive and surround yourself with people that look skyward. I hope AIA will help you start conversations and make connections.

Have a great day, it’s a great day to have!

p.s. I’d love to hear how aviation inspires you! Let’s get in touch.

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